A Ravishing New Recording of Bach’s Cello Suites by Ovidiu Marinescu

July 21, 2011
by Grego Applegate Edwards
Ovidiu Marinescu, Bach Cello Suites (Navona)

“But then you get beyond that for some of the finest of the small-forces Bach and Maestro Marinescu really comes into his own. This is a warm, vibrant, expressively empassioned version of the suites and it is a true joy to hear. Plus if you put the disk on a computer you get nice extras, like a full set of scores to follow along with, a digital booklet and etc.
If you are in the market for some glorious Bach, this one comes through. It’s ready-to- hand (just came out, after all) and it will brighten your space dazzlingly. Very recommended.”

Classical Candor CD Reviews

March 14, 2011
by John J. Puccio
Ovidiu Marinescu, Bach Cello Suites (Navona)

“You may recall that last year I reviewed a fine, two-disc set of Bach’s Six Cello Suites by Zuill Bailey on Telarc. At about the same time, Romanian cellist Ovidiu Marinescu recorded his own renditions of the suites for Navona Records, just recently released and reviewed here. They make another provocative and welcome addition to the Bach catalogue of Suites, and they join the ranks of not only Bailey’s recording but those of Rostropovich, Ma, Casals, Fournier, Schiff, Starker, Gendron, Tortelier, Mork, Isserlis, and others. One of the most remarkable things about the Suites is the composer’s ability to make the single cello sound like several instruments, with melody and accompaniment, which Mr. Marinescu executes as well as anybody. Marinescu’s renderings of these works struck me as reasonably relaxed, stylish, and refined, yet with much personal character. While the soloist seems to place a premium on precise execution above all else, there is also a sense of pleasure and animation in the performances, with clean articulation and rhythmically dynamic cadences. In the process, Marinescu catches Bach’s varying moods of joy, meditation, lyricism, amiability, swagger, exuberance, solemnity, and regality at least as well as most of his competition (even giving us two alternative endings to the Prelude of Suite No. 2). Navona recorded the music at Rose Recital Hall in the Fisher-Bennet Hall, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, in 2009-2010. The sound they obtain is crisp and clear, fairly close up, with excellent definition. There isn’t a lot of warmth to the sound, however, so it’s mainly the disc’s clarity we can appreciate here. Still, the sound is seldom too forward, bright, or edgy, and it comes across with great immediacy and realism if played back at an appropriate level.”

Kathodik CD Reviews

July 22, 2011
by Philip Fiery
Ovidiu Marinescu, Bach Cello Suites (Navona)

“L’interprete in questione, Ovidiu Marinescu, se la cava egregiamente, fondendo tecnica e rigore da un lato, con pathos e trasporto emotivo dall’altro, e aggiungendo anche un tocco personale al gi’corposo e intenso suono del violoncello. Un must have cd per tutti gli appassionati di musica.”

Strings Magazine

February/March 2000
Edith Eisler

“Romanian cellist Ovidiu Marinescu gave a recital at Merkin Hall, partnered by the splendid pianist Kenneth Boulton. In a varied, imaginative program, he displayed a fine technique, a focused, even, expressive tone, an ability to identify with all styles and idioms, and a strong musical personality. Poulenc’s Sonata had lots of dynamic, textural and emotional contrast; three pieces by Faure had a lovely lyricism and brilliant lightness; Schumann’s Fantasy Pieces, op. 73, were beautifully romantic; and Piazzolla’s Grand Tango was an invitation to dance. The novelty was the Quodlibet Sonata for solo cello by Marinescu’s brother Liviu, a big piece whose most startling moments come in the opening. The work was performed with great flair and authority.”

Times Union (Albany, NY)

Ron Emery

“Marinescu played with poetry and polish. The intensity of the opening movement lent a kind of grandeur to the performance. The third movement was the most moving, characterized by an inner sadness. The final movement’s apparent bounciness turned properly sardonic in this terrific performance.”


March 2000
Dennis Rooney

“Cellist Ovidiu Marinescu displayed an appealing platform personality…some real expressive power and attractive rhetoric.”

New York Concert Review

Edith Eisler

“A solid, relaxed technique secure in all parts of the fingerboard with a good deal of virtuoso flair when called for, but always used in the service of the music.”

The Saratogian (USA)

Judith White

“Romanian born Ovidiu Marinescu gives a grand display of his solo and duo capabilities. He quickly establishes his ample technique, musicality and capacity to choose music with a vibrant kick.”

Donau Zeitung, Germany

“…gripping excitement, warm tone, and total technical control over his instrument.”

The Journal (Wales)

Keith Davies Jones

“Marinescu’s masterly performance, given from memory, identified and expressed the heart and soul of this music with eloquence and grace.”

The Chronicle (USA)

“Cello solo played with gorgeous expression by Marinescu.”

Actualitatea Muzicala (Romania)

“Exceptional collaboration with cellist Ovidiu Marinescu: unity of feeling and musical phrasing as well as complementing sonorities. To these Ovidiu Marinescu added fantasy.”

13-year-old audience member at Merkin Hall, New York

“Cooler than Metallica.”


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