Sunt Numai Urechi (I’m All Ears) for solo cello (2015)

The Midnight Call of the Satanic Nightjar for solo cello (2016)

“Ya Mama Ate a Punjabi Po’Boy” for sitar and cello (2017)

The Ballad of Thomas Crowley for solo cello (2017)

“The Awkward Dance of the Romanian Mechanical Doll” for piano trio (violin, cello, piano) (2018)

The Story of Mycal Klein for 2 cellos (2018)

The Story of Mycal Klein for cello ensemble or cello trio (2020)

Rorrim no. 1 (A Short Essay) for cello and piano (2019)


Note:  The links go to YouTube performances.

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Three Songs for Baritone and Orchestra