Marinescu and Trio Casals return to Carnegie Hall

After a July 20, 2019 performance in Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall in partnership with Parma Recordings, Marinescu and Trio Casals return on February 5, 2020 for the 5th concert in the Moto Series.  The concert will mark the Moto Celeste album release with works by Diane Jones, Edna Alejandra Longoria, Ovidiu Marinescu, Christina Rusnak, Chad Robinson, Clive Muncaster, Joanna Estelle, Eliane Aberdam plus Beethoven’s Trio op 11.

The new works in the program bring a different sense of freshness. Each of the three solo cello pieces have a different approach to connecting with the audience. Sonic Imagination for Chad Robinson, descriptive sounds in Christina Rusnak’s Glacier Blue, or engaging rhythms by Marinescu compete for the listeners attention. 

Three of us are equally engaging. Diane Jones weaves textures that are quasi hypnotic while Muncaster and Aberdam paint unique landscapes of wonderful tone colors. 

Joanna Estelle doesn’t shy away from beauty and Longoria’ s trio bursts with rhythmic energy.  All these compositions I feel are connected by a certain contemplative or soul bearing element. What do you think?