International Musicians Academy – A New Program for Soloists, Conductors and Composers

Motivated by limited opportunities for young artists to work with a professional orchestra, Ovidiu Marinescu founded in early 2018 the International Musicians Academy.  The first edition will  take place in August 2018 in Bulgaria, in partnership with Vidin Sinfonietta.

The competitive program (open to only 4 players each for violin, cello, piano) provides daily rehearsals and two concerts during the 2-week program. Up to 4 Apprentice conductors will work with the Vidin Sinfonietta daily.  Each week the festival will select a Resident Apprentice Composer in the orchestral category, and one in the chamber music category. 

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Press Release: Concert Tour

Shanghai Xingrao Cultural Communication Co., Ltd and the Chinese Ministry of Culture announce the schedule for concert tour of  Ovidiu Marinescu:

Mr. Marinescu will be appearing with  pianist Mark Livshits.